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We hope that you will find time to explore our site and to gain a sense of our vision to Connect with God, to Connect with our Community and to Connect with the World and the essence of God's creation and his purpose for us all.


If you have any questions, please feel free to email us or, if practical, come and join us one Sunday morning at one of our services.


Please come back and catch up on the latest happenings as we strive to be God's people in our local and wider communities.





Corner Playgroup Veggie Garden

Just recently our Playgroup established a new veggie garden. Apart from the fun of planting, the children can now watch their plants grow and hopefully share in the results of their efforts.



If you live locally and you would like your young child to join our Corner Playgroup, feel free to call in on a Tuesday or Thursday morning to see what's happening.  Check out the Corner Playgroup page for further information including an enrollment form and Playgroup Brochure.


Hope to see you soon.



A Prayer of Clarity

Does your faith waiver from time to time; who is this God that Jesus talks about in the parables; does it all make sense.



All of us from time to time replace the complex reality of life in favor of a simpler explanation or misinterpretation. Perhaps it is our attempt to gain a sense of control of life and make us feel that the world is more predictable.


If this is you, then perhaps the prayer in the link below will give you a broader understanding that in the complexity of life, God is central and can help shape your thinking and give you hope.  The prayer comes from Ron Holmes, a senior member of our congregation and a past Minister of Churches of Christ.  We hope you will find it helpful as you reflect on Ron's prayer for all of us....


A Prayer of Clarity

Audio Messages

From time to time we  include the message from our Sunday morning speaker. These messages along with messages from earlier this year, can also be found on our "Audio Messages" link on the left of this Home Page.


Our links this week included Stephen's message looking at Mark 5:21-43 and Maggie Leigh's recent message looking at the significance of Psalm 23.


Stephen Schmaal  explores Mark 5:21-43 and the promise that the steadfast love of the Lord endures for ever and that his purpose will be fulfilled.


Maggie Leigh explores Psalm 23


We pray that you will take the time to listen to these messages, reflect and sense God's purpose and place in your life as you listen.