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Chapel Service 10:00AM Sunday Mornings

Our Chapel Service is a more traditional service led by members of our own congregation. The expression of the gifts and creativity of our community give a fresh and varying perspective to worshiping God in the reality of daily living.

There are three main elements to our worship:

  • Our singing includes many of the old favorite hymns and a range of other worship songs.

  • Sharing Communion together is a central part of our service each week.

  • A biblical message, generally from our Senior Minister, is aimed to encourage us in our life of faith.

Connect Sunday Mornings

...Relaunching soon....

Our Contemporary Service is undergoing a revamp and will relaunch soon…

If you would like to be there from the start, talk to Graham!





Grounded Sunday Nights
6:00PM Sunday

Grounded Sunday nights meet fortnightly (from Feb 2nd 2020) for worship, designed by & for our young people.

On the alternate fortnight we have a small group style time, usually at someone’s home.

For more info on Grounded Young Adults Worship or Grounded Youth on a Friday night, speak with Hannah.

Alternatively, checkout the “Grounded Sunday Nights” facebook page.